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Multifoil Insulations
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The smarter way to insulate
The smarter way to insulate
Multi Foil Insulation
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The smarter way to insulate
The smarter way to insulate
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Multi Foil Reflective Insulation
Multi Foil Reflective Insulation
Insulation made from recycled plastic bottles
70% by volume made from recycled plastic bottles
Why Insulate?
As much as 35% of all heat lost from your home escapes through the roof. A roof with no insulation is costing you money in high heating bills and is damaging the environment. Many houses in Ireland, particularly those built beofre 1980 are badly insulated and wasteful of energy. Insulating your roof space will enable you to reduce the amount of heat needed to maintain your comfort levels.
More importantly it will Save You Money!
Energy Loss
Where to Insulate?
Without undertaking major renovations to your home, the easiest place to start is in your attic. With the majority of heat loss occuring upwards through the roof, it makes sense to start there.
Roof Insulation.
To keep your head warm, you put on a hat! Insulating your roof space does the same for your house. Older houses may have some insulation, usually fibreglass in between the joists above the ceiling. Unfortunately, this type of bulky insulation degrades over time and loses it's effectiveness. A quick look in your attic will probably reveal a compressed, badly fitted thin layer of fibreglass which barely comes up to the top of the joist. The simplest way to improve your insulation is to lay more fibreglass down across the joists. The big problem with this is that most people wish to use the attic space for storage and you can't do this if the joists are covered. The other option is to add the extra insulation overhead by fixing it to the rafters. The simplest and most cost effective way is to use EcoQult.
14 Reasons to use EcoQuilt 14 Layer Technology.
Clean, Dust Free, Non Irritant, Hypoallergenic.
Ultra thin and space saving - only 25mm thick.
Reflective Foil works all year round.
Weatherproof and Draught Proof.
Durable - doesn't degrade over time.
Easy to install - DIY or Professional.
Minimise the risk of condensation.
Unique sealed edges for overlapping and easy fixing.
1.2m widths to suit Irish stud and rafter widths.
Compact and lightweight rolls.
Reinforced layers prevent sagging away from fixings.
No special clothing, masks or equipment required to fit.
Over 70% reduction in U-Value over an uninsulated roof.
Save up to 200 per annum on a typical house.
Insulating Attic
No mess insulation with EcoQuilt