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The smarter way to insulate
The smarter way to insulate
Multi Foil Insulation
Multi Foi lInsulation
The smarter way to insulate
The smarter way to insulate
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Multi Foil Reflective Insulation
Multi Foil Reflective Insulation
Insulation made from recycled plastic bottles
70% by volume made from recycled plastic bottles
Building Energy Rating
EcoQuilt on City Channel
The manufacture and use of EcoQuilt featured on Green Scene, an environmental programme on City Channel.
Watch the clip here.
Improve energy rating
EcoQuilt Under Rafter Usage
EcoQuilt fitting
2 bed house - 2 - 3 rolls
3 bed house - 4 - 5 rolls
4 bed house - 6 - 7 rolls
Roll size 1.2m x 15m (18m²)
As additional insulation in your attic, EcoQuilt is fixed to the underside of your rafters. This is a simple job and can be undertaken as a DIY project. There is no need for any specialist tools, chemicals or breathing apparatus. Used in conjunction with any existing insulation you have, EcoQuilt will greatly improve the overall thermal performance of your attic. Heat loss is reduced and your attic is sealed against the elements thus improving your comfort levels.
EcoQuilt is very simple to fix. All you need is a staple gun, scissors and a measuring tape.
Detail for under rafter additional insulation - here
EcoQuilt Fitting Tools
How much insulation do I need?
Detail for attic conversion installation - here
Detail under apex
additional insulation -
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Attic Insulation fitting instructions
These are approximate quantities needed for typical applications. Don't worry if you don't get enough to finish the job - we'll supply any extra rolls at the original price you paid. We'll also take back any full rolls you have any left over so you won't be stuck with them.
Detail for attic conversion with storage space - here
Detail under apex in a conversion installation - here
Detail around window when fitting to wall - here